Manager:  Jake Wisenbaker 478-284-2903

The Shoot series for shooters by shooters

-This Series cost nothing to enter and its our way of giving back to the shooters. It works on a point system so you do not have to be in master class to win it you score points based on your class performance. If you manage to punch up classes before the series is over you will continue to score points it will just be in the class you punch up to. Points will be awareded as follows.

HOA- 10 Points

1st in class - 8 points

2nd in class - 6 points

3rd in class - 4 points

No points are earned outside the top 3 in your class. All ties recieve same amount of points. you will shoot off for postion at that event but points will remian the same. points will be awared on every 100 target event you shoot.

For every 100 targets shot we will add $3.00 to the event championship purse. for example if 40 shooter shoot the am 100 target event 120 dollars goes into the purse.

this series will run on 5 nsca events starting in september 

Series will run on these 5 events.






The 11-29 event will have a double point set up for anyone who misses an event. after the pm event we will hold an award ceremony and payouts will be done to the top 3 point holders on a 50/30/20 split.. this event will also not effect the shooters cost at any of the events.